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During the past twelve years, EATC has proven that only acting in concert leads to success. Over these years, EATC has executed nearly 100.000 missions on behalf of the seven member nations. We are proud to be a unique command sharing aircraft through a diverse fleet of some 170 assets and thanks to a team of 200+ people with varied professional and cultural backgrounds.

However, the security situation has dramatically changed since EATC was inaugurated in 2010. EATC’s ability to quickly react and support crisis operations was demonstrated for example in 2021 with the Kabul evacuation missions or recently with the Russian war against Ukraine.




In the same way as we most likely will be facing similar situations in the future, do I see the necessity to develop EATC’s role in the worst case scenario of alliance and homeland defence. Consequently, and in close cooperation with our member nations, I give priority to identify adaptations of EATC’s structures and processes to better tackle these challenges.

2023 will also see a milestone of EATC’s A400M “lighthouse” project. For the first time, we will execute significant multinational A400M cross-activities in multiple operational and technical areas during a common exercise.

“The future is multinational” and the EATC business model is a perfect blueprint to enhance the cooperative efforts among our member nations, as well as European and NATO partners. EATC will continue to drive air mobility with the trust of our member nations, the commitment of our people and the willingness to go beyond.

                                                                   Commander EATC


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