EATC looks back at nearly ten years of experience in the air transport, air-to-air refuelling and medical evacuation domains. Today we stand for one of the most successful multinational military cooperation in Europe: our performance is confirmed by our member nations who increasingly pool and share EATC’s complete and diverse fleet of 170 assets representing 34 types of aircraft.
EATC is a dynamic and innovative command that relishes the trust and confidence of its seven member nations.
Why is that so? Because …
...EATC acts at any moment multinational;
...EATC is a 24/7 operational command with a diverse and complete fleet;
...EATC offers excellence, proficiency and experience through an integrated staff of 200 experts.



And because we are constantly listening to the needs of our member nations and satisfying their particularities, sharing common ideas, planning for the future as well as dealing effectively and efficiently with many challenges.

Major General Laurent Marboeuf
Commander EATC


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