The relationship between EATC and the member nations is founded on a well-thought business model where nations have the flexibility of a conditioned delegation of authority.

Member nations transfer the authority of air mobility assets to EATC. They have assured access to their nationally assigned military assets at any moment. The transfer of assets can be revoked at any given time and possible national caveats can be safeguarded via the “red card holders”. Services between nations are exchanged via the ATARES* system, involving no money exchange.

A main multiplier of  EATC’s business model is vested in its core structure: EATC has consolidated the operational and functional pillar into the structure. Complemented by a policy & support division, all pillars are closely interacting and working hand in hand, thereby increasing effectiveness and efficiency within the EATC.

* Air Transport, Air-to-Air Refuelling and other Exchange of Services


The key to EATC’s success is the trust and confidence that EATC has gained from the member nations. Only if the condition for trust and confidence is met, nations are willing to pool and share.