The diverse multinational EATC fleet comprises more than 150 assets which the seven member nations transferred under EATC’s authority. These assets are stationed on national bases in the member nations. They represent approximately 20 different types of aircraft and are divided into a tactical, wide body and narrow body fleet. Moreover, some are also air-to-air refuelling capable.

The diversity of this multinational fleet with approximately 20 types of aircraft gives EATC a unique flexibility and the opportunity to optimise missions and enhance the required efficiency and effectiveness. Thanks to an integrated staff, EATC handles the full process from planning and tasking to controlling both in peacetime and in times of crisis.

EATC connects the seven custom-made national fleets into one single pooled fleet to be shared among seven nations. This is the basis for EATC’s planning and controlling air mobility missions. Connecting seven fleets into one multinational is for sure a challenge, but also an opportunity for common regulatory frameworks, shared lessons learned, exchange of views and, as a bottom line, joint operations.