The "Air TransportAir-to-Air Refuelling and other Exchanges of Services" (ATARES) is a cashless exchange system for air transport services. 28 European and NATO nations are part of the multinational ATARES arrangement.

The exchange of services is based on the “Equivalent Flying Hour” (EFH): this reference is the cost price of one (1) C-130/C-160 flying hour. All other aircraft types offered in the framework of the ATARES arrangement are calculated against this C-130/C-160 reference.

This arrangement facilitates mutual support through the exchange of services and it is the currency used among the EATC member nations. This cashless service enables nations to save on outsourcing expenses and to optimise the aircraft load factor (less empty space). It can also give additional training opportunities to the nations.

ATARES is not based on purely bilateral reciprocity but has to be seen in the global multinational framework. For example, …

… the A330 MRTT - MMU unit - executes an air-to-air refuelling mission on   behalf of the Netherlands for Spanish fighters jet;
… a French C130J offers a parachute drop mission to Germany;
… while a Belgian helicopter is transported by a Spanish A400M;
… a Luxembourg Learjet executes an aeromedical evacuation for an Italian   soldier wounded in crisis areas;
… an Italian C27J transports French cargo;
… a Belgian Falcon moves Dutch soldiers;
… a German A400M executes an aeromedical evacuation mission
for Luxembourg.


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