EATC was inaugurated on 01 September 2010 by the four founding members, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Luxembourg joined in 2012, Spain and Italy in 2014.

The seven member nations operate their military air mobility assets under one single command with one common set of rules and regulations. They pool and share air mobility capabilities, exchange experiences and train together in multinational environments. 

The key to EATC’s success is the trust and confidence gained from the member nations. The relationship between the partners is founded on an innovative business model, where nations transfer authority to EATC over designated assets. On the other hand, they can revoke this transfer of authority at any moment and safeguard national caveats.

The EATC is not an independent body governing the assigned assets, but is part of the seven national command structures. Consequently, the people working at EATC in fact operate for the nations. They are the link between the national air force commands and the executing level.

The seven member nations share the common multinational budget and the manpower according to approved sharing keys.

All EATC member nations are also member of MCCE, the Movement Coordination Centre Europe. To meet the EATC - MCCE winning duo, click here.

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