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Ground handling training on the upwings

EATC’s trainings and exercices are booming again in 2022, including the ground handling domain. This is why, EATC intends to offer three (Advanced) Combined Air Terminal Training (ACATT/CATT) and one Combined Air Terminal Operations (CATO) exercise (in the framework of the ETAP-T training). EATC members and partner nations are invited to these events.

                    21-25 February 2022:       CATT2022#1 in Villafranca-di-Verona, Italy

                    14-24 March 2022:            ACATT2022#1 in Altenstadt, Germany

                    06-17 June 2022:               CATO2022 in Beja, Portugal

                    19-24 September 2022:     CATT 2022#2 in Pisa, Italy

The brand new e-learning module will be launched at CATT2022#1. This e-learning tool will offer the necessary theoretical background as well as the possibility to concentrate on the job-training during the actual events.

EATC will also introduce for the first time the newly established CATT syllabus. Based on the feedbacks from trainees and instructors, EATC’s “training and exercices” experts will finalise the document and offer a complete curriculum on this unique multinational training.

This goes hand in hand with the training objectives, that the EATC experts develop in close cooperation with the national counterparts. Moreover EATC’s experts lead the actual training, supporting the trainees with the e-learning capabilities and offering lectures on ground handling concepts with regard to EATC Ground Operations Manual.


Why is multinational training of ground handling so important?

Over the years, the need and importance for multinational cooperation in air mobility has increased. With that, the demands on handling passengers, luggage, cargo and mail have grown vastly.

In 2016, EATC took over the multinational ground handling training opportunities from the EAG. Today CATT and ACATT are a confirmed rendezvous for junior air movement personnel and experienced handlers. They focus on multinational air terminal operations offering academics, multinational training activities, as well as exchange of information and common practices. The objective is to strengthen competencies, skills and experience. At the end of the course, each participant is able to work in a multinational team.

The training events also take into account the “train the trainer” principle. This is highly important in order to impart the training outcomes more efficiently and effectively. “Train the trainer” is a unique benefit for the participants and the air forces.

CATT and ACATT do not only offer exceptional cross-national training but also put forward a common learning culture among European ground handlers.

Photo courtesy Italian Air Force (3rd Wing)

Ground handling  training on the upwings

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