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EATT 2015 in Beja, Portugal

The fourth European Air Transport Training (EATT15) will take place from 14 to 26 June 2015 in Beja, Portugal. This unique training, initiated at EDA, run by EATC and hosted by the Portuguese Air Force, is a very successful example of international military cooperation. It offers participants from all over Europe a unique opportunity to plan and execute missions within a multinational framework.

Military operations and the deployment or engagement of the armed forces on operational theatres abroad require tactical air transport. To achieve a high level of performance in tactical missions, training is key. But nowadays in the crowded airspace of central Europe training for complex tactical manoeuvers including low level flights, tactical navigation and formation flying, is a little bit like training for Rallye Monte Carlo on the Paris ring road. That is the reason why the European Air Transport Training (EATT) and European Advanced Air Tactics Training Courses (EAATTC) are so important.
The overall objective of EATT15 is to increase tactical awareness and interoperability between tactical airlift operators from the 11 participating countries. The aim is to consolidate existing qualifications or help participants regain qualifications if necessary.

Training for a variety of skills

During the exercise, a broad variety of scenarios will be played. Each scenario will provide training for specific tactical air transport skills and will consolidate qualifications in the domain of tactical navigation, formation flying, cargo and personnel airdrops, etc.
Air and ground threats will be included in the scenarios and will enable the training of tactics and procedures to avoid them.

The EATC’s role in EATT

One of the EATC’s major objectives is to harmonize the nations’ crew training in order to enhance multinational cooperation.
That is why the EATC cooperates closely with EDA and chairs some of the Ad Hoc Working Groups. Moreover, the EATC executes Operational Control over EATC assets that participate in EATT.
In addition to common training objectives, EATT will work on improving multinational cross-services maintenance and multinational cross-paratroopers training.


Eleven countries are participating in EATT15 and several other countries are sending observers.
The full list of participating countries and aircraft can be found below:

  1.  Belgium: 1 x C-130
  2.  Finland : 1 x C-295
  3.  France: 1 x C-130 and 1 x CN235
  4.  Germany: 2 x C-160
  5.  Italy: 1 x C-27J
  6.  Lithuania: 1 x C-27J
  7.  The Netherlands: 1 x C-130
  8.  Portugal: 1 x C-130 and 1 x C-295
  9.  Romania: 1 x C-27J
  10.  Sweden: 2 x C-130
  11.  The United Kingdom: 1 x C-130

A Distinguished Visitors Day (DVD) will take place on 24 June 2015.

During the next few days, the EATC will keep you up to date on the events happening at EATT15. Please visit our EATT15 micro-site here.
Find the EATT15 factsheet here or by clicking on the image below.


EATT 2015 in Beja, Portugal

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