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EATC’s Lighthouse Project: the year 2023

The LHP was initiated in March 2021. It is well under way with the implementation of a legal framework for cross-maintenance and the release in April 2023 of EATC’s cross-maintenance operations manual

2023 offers two major rendezvous’ where multinational A400M contingents from EATC’s member nations practice cross-activities validating common procedures during high visibility air mobility events in France and the US.


1.  05 to 16 June 2023, Orléans (France)

This is the first official LHP event with A400M aircraft and personnel from the BNU*, Germany and France, plus personnel from Spain. The European Tactical Airlift Centre link, ETAC, offers the opportunity to implement the first A400M cross-activities in the framework of the ETAP-C** event.   

This is the first decisive milestone. The conceptual work and EATC’s strong engagement for common procedures and processes pays off : in Orléans, EATC’s concepts are translated into reality. In addition, a team from EATC is supporting the multi-national A400M detachments of maintenance and logistics technicians. The latter operated under the responsibilities of a unique approved maintenance organisation or handling entity offered by the host nation. Procedures are validated and processes fine-tuned. EATC and the participants also assess the lessons identified and define follow-on in order to take the project further.

The next article will give you a brief  insight into the four pillars and what in on the agenda during the LHP event in June.


2.  November 2023, USA

A second rendezvous is planned out of the Europe. This event offers more complex opportunities to EATC and the A400M contingents. More information coming soon!


*   Belgium-Luxembourg binational unit

**  ETAP-C: European Tactical Airlift Programme - Course

EATC’s Lighthouse Project: the year 2023

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