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Belgian staff assistant Wendy is one of the EATC’s experts in the corporate/VIP cell*. She has been in her current function since June 2019 and gives us today an insight into her daily job.

Wendy, can you explain “corporate”?

Corporate means that we are planning, tasking and executing air transport missions of small groups of passengers in so-called “narrow body” assets.   The passengers range from military delegations to politicians and NATO officials. Our “corporate” portfolio includes the Belgian Falcon 7X or the Dutch Gulfstream G4. On the other hand, the German A321 is under the responsibility of the strategic cell.

Are  these aircraft enough for your corporate and VIP missions?

In addition and upon request, EATC has also access to military “narrow body” assets that are not permanently under EATC operational command or to civilian contracted “narrow body” aircraft. These are offered to EATC and their member nations on the same basis as the terms and conditions for military assets. This means including the cashless exchange of services called ATARES.

Now, what is exactly your job at the corporate cell?

I am a tasker specialised in corporate and VIP flights. This means that I am the central point for the preparation of these flights and coordinate closely with my EATC colleagues to set up flight routings, check flight duty regulations, to be informed on the security assessment, and of course to initiate diplomatic clearances.

What is the biggest challenge in your job?

To me, a mission is not just a mission. I see and treat it as a baby, who needs daily care and attention. Only with this kind of passion and commitment, you are able to deliver a perfect service to the nation and translate the request into a successful air transport mission.

I aim at full satisfaction for my “clients”, who are the EATC nations. The “jigsaw” might fall into pieces when a last minute request pops up, but then I come up with a new plan in order to meet the expectations of my client.

My experience, my insight and my eye for seeing the big picture help me a lot in my endeavours. And at the end of the day, the contentment and appreciation of the “clients” reward me with a highly satisfying feeling.


* EATC’s tasking branch also includes tactical, strategic and air-to-air refuelling cells.

EATC’s  corporate and VIP  cell

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