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EATC pushes A400M Common Ground Crew Training Concept

In order to promote a unified training philosophy amongst the A400M community, the so-called “Ground Crew Training Syndicate” (GCTS) met on 12 and 13 march at the Orléans-Bricy Air Force Base, where experts from France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg worked together with the EATC on the script of an A400M Common Ground Crew Training Concept.

This concept, based on the Technical Arrangement document signed on 30th September 2013 covering the French and German bilateral A400M training cooperation, aims at describing the way ground crews should be trained in order to meet operational requirements defined in the A400M “ATLAS” Common Doctrine.

Amongst others, the concept intends to standardize the training types and principles, defines the flow charts concerning the training for the different categories of ground crew members, gives precisions about what has to be considered as “On the job training” and “Experience building” as well as defines which training means can or shall be used.

The aim is to conduct these trainings in a cost-effective multi-national cooperation which will also facilitates the mutual recognition of training processes.
This will be a stepping stone towards a high level of interoperability between ground crews from all A400M EATC Participating Nations, whose ultimate goal is technician interchangeability.

One of the objectives of the EATC is to contribute to a more efficient use of air transport (AT) and air-to-air refuelling (AAR) capacities and also to progressively ensure the highest level of standardization in training, employment of asset, logistic domains and flight safety. The EATC – as future operator of about 100 Atlas aircraft – has a high interest to implement best all necessary concepts for this aircraft already theses days, because for next decades to come the Atlas will become backbone of military AT in Europe.  

The draft concept will now be sent to the EATC A400M user-nations for final review. A commonly agreed ratification draft shall be available for staffing in the EATC in April 2014. The final concept shall be available for publication in autumn this year.

Find more about EATC involvement in A400M matters here.

Words: Pascal Ballinger

Pictures: Ballinger/Thomas

GCTS members

EATC pushes A400M Common Ground Crew Training Concept

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