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EATC is increasing its speed on e-learning

In 2022, EATC launched a set of e-learning modules framing courses for, among others, air crews and air terminal operations specialists. More is to come, but here are the initial modules:

EART – European Air Refuelling Training
The e-learning module is completed. It has already been used since 2017 and will be used again during the next edition in October 2022 in Spain.

DART – Disabled Air Recovery Training
The module is now nearly finalised and will be tested during the 2022 edition of DART in September 2022 in Germany.

Ground Handling
The e-learning modules for ground handling include interactive training and checklists based on the EATC Ground Operation Manual for the air terminal operations specialists, handlers and air movement personnel. These modules are tested in this years’ (A)CATT* training events and will be further developed to provide a comprehensive knowledge database on EGOM.

ETAP – European Tactical Airlift Programme
In the framework of a bilateral cooperation, EATC has set up e-learning modules for training events under the lead of the ETAC in Zaragoza (Spain). Since 2021, the tools have been handed over to ETAC, with the last one, regarding the loadmaster module, transferred in 2022.

EATC Administration
This module is in progress. An initial “light” version will be tested during Summer 2022, when new colleagues arrive at EATC.

EATC has recognised the need to move from the live academic courses to a flexible learning tool, which needs to be completed prior to a training event. This guarantees that the participants know the common procedures before the events and can concentrate even more on practical training missions.

EATC put into place a dedicated cell within its “training and exercise” branch. This cell interacts closely with experts from all EATC divisions, diversifying the offer at hand and refining continuously the existing programmes within the e-learning platform.

Thanks to this cooperative effort, EATC offers highly professional interactive programmes to the air forces.


* (Advanced) Combined Air Terminal Training

EATC is increasing its speed on e-learning

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