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Cross Maintenance : a way to go beyond !

In our previous article, we informed you on the 2019 edition of the European Tactical Airlift Programme - Training (ETAP-T) that took place in June 2019 in Zaragoza (Spain). Read our previous article for more information. 

In this article we would like to introduce you to the exciting domain of cross maintenance and its recent premiere :

The first multinational cross-maintenance training at ETAP-T introduced by EATC through its brand new training manual!

With two German and one Spanish A400M present in Zaragoza, EATC decided to avail itself of the opportunity organise cross maintenance activities. 

Ten experts from Germany, Spain and France trained together for two weeks. They learned about servicing in multinational teams, performed a weekly check on the German A400M and when the Spanish aircraft broke down, they took all necessary steps to get it operational and flying again. The participants also discussed various topics related to cross maintenance : sharing of spare parts, use of the “maintenance data system”*, management of tools and maintenance plan. They shared their experience on the other nation’s processes, regulations or logistics concerns and challenges. 

The training was based on the “A400M Cross-Exchange of Technicians” manual. This was the first time the manual was used to train technicians. EATC only published it in May 2019 ! The manual delineates the process for technicians to work on another nation’s A400M according the “Approved Maintenance Organisation” procedures and airworthiness requirements.

Was it a success ? Definitely!

All the trainees were totally committed to the training. They welcomed the great benefit they were offered through EATC, through this excellent training and through the newly edited training manual. They appreciated the experience to cooperate multinationally, share experience and work in an interoperable environment.

EATC will stay committed to cross-maintenance!

We are proud to unite European nations, to make them understand discrepancies and then to bring them together. Because at the end of the day we all have the same objective : effective and efficient operations.

EATC will strive to extend the training to a large “maintenance” community, and a further step pool and share tools, aircraft group equipment or spare parts. This will take time and joint collaborative efforts. But we at EATC are confident. The airworthiness mutual recognition process between the national authorities is ongoing. We are looking forward to reaching interoperability in the cross maintenance domain between EATC’s A400M nations, but also in the future between EATC’s C130J and A330 MRTT nations**.

 Cross maintenance : a way for EATC to go beyond !

 * This system is the integrated software used on A400M to manage the maintenance data, get access to the interactive electronic documentation, monitor and analyze the fault report, etc…

A400M : Germany, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium
C130 J : Germany, France, Italy
A330 MRTT : Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, France



Cross Maintenance : a way to go beyond !

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