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Aircraft recovery: what is the difference between DART and DARO?

The ‘’Disabled Aircraft Recovery Training’’ (DART) is a multinational training in the domain of aircraft recovery, led by EATC and hosted by a nation. DART has been organised since 2012 and takes place on a yearly basis. The training is open to all EATC member nations and, upon invitation, to other interested partner nations.

In 2019, EATC completed DART introducing the “Disabled Aircraft Recovery Officer” (DARO) training. DARO targets aircraft recovery team leaders taking responsibility to perform efficient aircraft recovery operations with their teams.

In 2022, EATC will offer for the first time the DARO training in a new setting: a theoretical part with study material and tests in an e-learning environment. This innovative e-learning tool was developed in-house by EATC.  

DART has proven to be an excellent opportunity to establish a multinational cooperation with regard to aircraft recovery. DARO will reinforce these cooperative efforts.


Are you interested to know why it is so important to train air recovery? Stay tuned ….

Aircraft recovery:  what is the difference between DART and DARO?

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