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A successful third edition of ETAP-C

From 08 to 20 May 2022, EATC supports the ETAC-run airlift training ETAP-C*. This third edition takes place at Bricy Airbase near Orléans (France) and is hosted by the French training airlift centre, CIET 00.340.

Four aircraft participate in ETAP-C 22-3, with the first participation of a Spanish A400M as Spain is ramping up its A400M fleet.

EATC assists with two experts: the training supervisor and the ground/paratrooper liaison officer. Furthermore, EATC commands the assets during the actual training flights. In addition, the French Air Force supports the training with fighter aircraft, Smokey Sam’s (GTR-18), and electronic warfare assets.

ETAP-C 22-3 focuses on multiple-ship employment, a very challenging training as it involves in this case three different aircraft types: A400M, C130J, and CN235. Trainees are operating within a coordinated element of two aircraft. For instance, the crews train to drop both equipment and paratroopers in a simulated high threat environment in a precisely coordinated manner. This allows employing mass effect tactics.

ETAP-C 22-3 will be completed this Friday, with four successfully trained crews. The next edition, ETAP-C 22-4 will take place from 04 to 16 September 2022 in Zaragoza (Spain).

* ETAC: European Tactical Airlift Center

  ETAP-C: European Tactical Airlift Programme – Course


More information on the objectives of ETAP-C

The main objectives of the ETAP courses are to enhance tactical knowledge, to expand the crew members’ comfort zones in unfriendly and dangerous situations, and to increase the survivability during these situations. The courses train tactical airlift qualified crews within a simulated theatre-deployment set up which exposes them to both a surface-to-air and air-to-air threat.


@photo courtesy French Air Force

A successful third edition of ETAP-C

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