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A diverse and exceptional static display of aeromedical evacuation at EATC

During EATC’s first aeromedical evacuation day on 07 November 2023, five aeromedical evacuation assets of EATC fleet, together with a German helicopter, with diverse capacities were displayed at Eindhoven airbase.


Asset: A400M     Nation: DEU      Capabilities*: 6 PTU (max 4 ICU, 2 IMC patients)



Asset: A330 MRTT    Nation: FRA      Capabilities*:10 PTU, 88 ambulatory patients



Asset: C-130J     Nation: ITA      Capabilities*: Max 3 ATI, 20 N36 



Asset: Challenger 605     Nation: LUX        Capabilities*: 2 PTU, 4 ambulatory (max. 1 ICU, 1 IMC, 4 ambulatory)



Asset: A330 MRTT    Nation: MMU      Capabilities*:6 PTU, 16 Litter, 64 ambulatory patients



Asset:CH53GS      Nation: DEU (Not in EATC fleet)     Capabilities*:3 PTU + 8 litter (i.e. 3 ICU, 8 IMC patients)


* (ATI: Aircraft Transit Isolator   N36: Stretcher  PTU: Patient Transport Unit   ICU: Intensive Care Unit   IMC: Intermediate Care)


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