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The EATC commander addresses the air-to-air refuelling conference in Europe

On 17 October 2019, Major General Marboeuf, Commander EATC, and Brigadier General Agresti, Deputy Commander EATC, participated in the air-to-air refuelling (AAR) conference in Europe, co-organised by the European Defence Agency and NATO.

Major General Marboeuf addressed the audience on the operational impact of AAR. The Commander EATC insisted that Europe has to work together to have a larger operational autonomy to support air operations : integrate capabilities of new aircraft, optimise resources with the enhanced management of multirole aspects, develop new tactics for the “high value airborne asset” protection and improve interoperability. And this is where EATC has an essential role to play. The Commander EATC confirmed that EATC has the lead to standardise and harmonise documentation and procedures, clear differences and enhance interoperability. EATC runs on a yearly basis the unique “European Air Refuelling Training” (EART), committing itself in training activities. What is at stake is the ability for enhanced and more effective multinational operations.

The Commander EATC highlights that “we need a new concept for air mobility to continue our supporting operations. Considering the evolution of air warfare, the operational need for new capabilities has to be met in the upcoming years. More interoperability, more integration and more networked operations are the key to success.”

He concludes that “EATC is a main player with its strong expertise and predestined to lead the change for air mobility. A double hatted key player : on the one hand it provides operational control to meet national needs in AAR and on the other hand it creates interoperability. EATC is a genuine capacity provider!”

The conference gathered key decision-makers from the EU and NATO as well as high level representatives from the international AAR community and leading industry. The participants to the conference approached current and future challenges and the global dimension to resolve existing shortfalls. The focus was on increasing interoperability and to debate the role of the national military aviation authorities and industry in this process.

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The  EATC commander addresses the air-to-air refuelling conference in Europe

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