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Multinational Aircraft Recovery Training 2019 in the starting blocks

The next Multinational Aircraft Recovery Training (MART) will take place from 24 to 28 June 2019. This 7th  edition will be organized again by EATC and hosted for the second time by the United Kingdom. The venue is the Royal Air Force Station St Mawgan.

Six EATC member nations and four partners* announced their intention to attend this 2019 MART edition. 70 trainees and trainers are expected to meet in this unique European forum, exchange expertise and learn about aircraft recovery. 

The 2019 MART edition will be exceptional ! 

The host nation will offer decommissioned aircraft VC-10, property of the Cornwall Aviation heritage centre based at Cornwall Airport Newquay, for training purposes. Thus all participating nations are trained to recover these decommissioned aircraft … in front of the public visiting the Cornwall Aviation heritage centre! This will be a singular display to the public and a challenge for the trainees and their trainers. In addition, the trainees will also increase their confidence in their skills.

MART 2019 will also train with decommissioned aircraft provided by the Royal Air Force. Click here to get the list of the aircraft.

Thanks to multinational trainings such as MART, EATC enhances the harmonisation of procedures and fosters a high level of interoperability. Through our high level of professionalism and expertise in aircraft recovery matters, we leverage opportunities to build strong relationships with and among partners.

This MART edition is a unique rendezvous for media to learn about EATC’s aircraft recovery training. If you are an accredited media representative and interested in receiving more information or visiting the training, please contact us through the EATC contact form. A distinguished visitors day is planned to be organised on Wednesday 26 June 2019.

* Austria, Lithuania, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (host nation )

Decommissioned aircraft used for training purposes :

- Vickers – Armstrongs VC 10 - air transport and tanker aircraft
- Westland Lynx Multi-role Helicopter
- British Aerospace Hawker Siddeley 125 - twinjet mid-size business Jet
- Panavia Tornado - twin-engine, variable-sweep wing multirole combat aircraft


Multinational Aircraft Recovery Training 2019 in the starting blocks

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