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On 1st September 2010 a new chapter in the book of European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) was opened, as the EATC was inaugurated in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The establishment of this new multinational command represents a significant step on the way to pooling and sharing national military assets and truly marks an unprecedented level of European defence cooperation.



The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany have put major parts of their air transport- and air to air refuelling fleets under the operational control (OPCON) of the EATC. Additionally on November 22nd 2012 Luxembourg officially joined the EATC.
Now the missions of almost 150 aircraft are planned, tasked and controlled out of Eindhoven. In addition to that the EATC runs a nationally defined level of responsibility for aircrew training, coordination of training and exercise objectives as well as the harmonization of appropriate air transport regulations of the  participating nations. The overall objective is to manage the scarce resource air transport as effectively and efficiently as possible.



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News & Press updates

ATW 63 is now Training Wing

German Transall training shifted from Hannover to Hohn

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Dropping together, to gather experience

The EATC Cross-Parachuting Working Group meets at Eindhoven Air Base

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New Airbus A321 under EATC Operational Control

Belgium got a new “Air Force One”

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Dutch DC-10 operated final flight

Strategic carrier taken out of service

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EATC sustains NATO AWACS surveillance

Dutch KDC-10 operates simultaneous missions

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Massive air deployment ongoing

EATC’s Operational Division runs “Varpalota Challenge 2014”

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Tankers in formation

Find some amazing shots around the last EARTs tanker mission

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The future of European AAR

Distinguished Visitors Day at Eindhoven Air Base

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Aircraft of EART and Frisian Flag

Updated gallery of military airpower

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F-16 approaching in the mist

Approaching the KDC-10 Tanker during bad weather conditions

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EART behind the scenes

Watching people engaged for success

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More Pictures of Air-to-Air Refuelling Training EART 2014

Updated Gallery to be found here

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Tanker Training filmed at Eindhoven Air Base

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Air-to-Air Refuelling in the limelight

Frisian Flag accelerates overcome of EU Tanker Shortfall

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Finalizing the EATC Ground Operations Manual

More than 30 subject matter experts shared their knowledge

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