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Transparency and multifunctionality for EATC new headquarters

EATC moved to its new building at Eindhoven airbase

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US Transportation Command Visits EATC

Major General Tuck meets with the Commander EATC.

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EATC aeromedical evacuation: a great example of multinational cooperation

Aeromedical evacuation experts met in Eindhoven

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A successful EATC-JAPCC combined air-to-air refuelling forum

The air-to-air refuelling community gathered at EATC’s headquarters

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Spain transfers authority of its first A400M to EATC

Spain transferred the authority to EATC of its newly delivered A400M in January 2017. EATC will now handle the full process from planning and tasking to controlling of th...

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EATC at the nodal point of the air-to-air refuelling community

EATC will host the upcoming international air-to-air refuelling dedicated happening

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The new EATC AAR leaflet

Read "here" the new EATC Air-to-Air Refuelling leaflet

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EATC’s Ground Handling Working Group held in Brugge

The 4th Ground Handling Working Group Meeting (GHWG) took place this December in Brugge

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Spectacular move of the C-160 Transall

The blue-white-red coloured EATC “guardian” is moved to the new EATC building .

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The Aeromedical Evacuation Control Centre...

…a success story and a demonstration of trust and confidence that EATC member nations put into our command.

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EATC Calendar 2017

Read here the EATC Calendar 2017.

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French Commander of the Joint Logistics Support Operations and Movement Center (CSOA) visits EATC

Brigadier General Gueguen meets with the Commander EATC

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French Air Mobility Brigade Commander visits EATC

Brigadier General Marboeuf meets with the Commander EATC

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Airbus offers a A400M mock-up to honour EATC

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Vice Admiral Hofman meets with the Commander EATC

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