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The Belgian C-130H as wingman to the French C-130H.

Spend a day with a belgian crew on board of a C130H.

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EAATTC 15-2 in Orléans, France

European Advanced Air Tactics Training Course (EAATTC) at Orléans Air Base from 18 to 29 May 2015.

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A400M crashed near Seville. Four people died.

Four Spaniards died and two others were seriously injured in the crash of a military aircraft A400M that went down Saturday at about 13.00 local time next to the airport San Pablo North of Seville. The A400M undergoes final assembly at the Airbus Military plant in Seville.

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EATC missions to support humanitarian relief in Nepal

EATC nations' aircraft to provide local support after earthquake in Kathmandu

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Tanker Aircraft of EART in the limelight

Eindhoven Airbase is the place where European Tanker Aircraft gather

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EART and Frisian flag at a glance

Find impressions of fighter aircraft from Frisian Flag in Air-to-Air Refuelling scenarios.

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First impressions of EART 2015

Find gallery of tanker and combat aircraft in our web media chapter

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On board French tanker during EART 2015

French C-135 refuelling American and Spanish fighters during EART 2015

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First German A400M mission abroad

A400M carries water treatment plant to Senegal

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EART 2015 has begun

What is new on European Air-to-Air Refuelling Training

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EAATTC 15-1 in Bulgaria successfully conducted

European Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Course 15-1 completed

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Countdown to EART 2015

The need for a highly professional training

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MEAT 2.7 connects Spanish Air Force and EATC

Successful IT gathers EATC Participating Nations

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Spanish assets in the limelight

Find new assigned aircraft in our gallery

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Transfer of Authority successful

EATC expands: 25 additional Spanish aircraft under operational control (OPCON)

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