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On 1st September 2010 a new chapter in the book of European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) was opened, as the EATC was inaugurated in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The establishment of this new multinational command represents a significant step on the way to pooling and sharing national military assets and truly marks an unprecedented level of European defence cooperation.





The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany have put major parts of their air transport- and air to air refuelling fleets under the operational control (OPCON) of the EATC. On 22 November 2012 Luxembourg officially joined the EATC, Spain followed on 03 July 2014.
Now the missions of almost 150 aircraft are planned, tasked and controlled out of Eindhoven. In addition to that the EATC runs a nationally defined level of responsibility for aircrew training, coordination of training and exercise objectives as well as the harmonization of appropriate air transport regulations of the participating nations. The overall objective is to manage the scarce resource air transport as effectively and efficiently as possible.




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News & Press updates

France ordered A330 MRTT fleet

Successor of French tanker Boeing C135 FR foreseen

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Italy is becoming new EATC member state latest beginning 2015

Air Chiefs signed Letter of Invitation to welcome the new Participating Nation

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Further OUG meeting for A400M introduction in Wunstorf

First A400M landing at Eindhoven Air Base

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From Havana to Termez

EATC's most used troop transporter celebrates its 25th anniversary - flying originally for the former German Democratic Republic

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First German A400M airborne

Find YouTube video of maiden flight

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First mission to Africa for French fifth A400M under EATC OPCON

First EATC mission to Africa for MSN012 in the framework of Operation BARKHANE

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EATC involvement in Exercise MART 2014 in UK

EATC support to Multinational Aircraft Recovery Training in UK 8-12 Sept. 2014

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Engaged in a multinational air bridge

EATC assigned aircraft departed to Dakar

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Touraine is back

The only A400M running squadron again in EATC service

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The European Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Course takes shape

New air transport training course created by EATC

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French air-dropping mission in Northern Iraq

French Forces air-dropped three tons of humanitarian goods near Amirli

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EATT 2014 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Video of EATT 2014 at Plovdiv air base

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EATC conducts relief mission to Northern Iraq with Belgian C-130

EATC Belgian Hercules to convey humanitarian goods to Kurdistan-Iraq

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EATC conducts second relief mission with German Transall

Air Transport Wing 63 to execute again humanitarian help to Kurdistan

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Again a Dutch Hercules away to Iraq on EATC OPCON

EATC conducts again Hercules mission to prevent famine in Kurdistan

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