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Air drop pictured by Airbus Military


The A400M is able to drop paratroopers from both high and low altitudes: As high as 40.000 ft for special forces operations and as low as 15ft for low level load deliveries.

High altitude aerial delivery
High-level airdrop at up to 40.000 ft is facilitated by rapid depressurization and a re-pressurization system to drop Special Forces. The computed air release point linked to the automated release system automatically computes the release point for optimal delivery accuracy - including corrections for wind effects.

Standard aerial delivery
The A400M can accommodate up to 116 fully equipped paratroopers, carrying them to the drop zone at speeds up to 300kt, but dropping them at as little as 110kt to ensure minimum dispersion. Two streams of paratroopers can jump simultaneously from the ramp or the two side doors to further cut jumping time and scatter. The aircrafts design reduces turbulence behind the aircraft and deployable baffles at the door exits protect jumpers from the airflow behind the aircraft. This reduces the time to exit the aircraft, is much faster to comparable aircraft and allows the paratroopers to reach the ground closer together, regroup more easily, being faster operational.
The A400M is also fitted with a winch, allowing any ´hung-up´ static-line paratrooper to be safely retrieved.
The armed forces of the PN are full of expectation to these tactical capabilities, while it will take a couple of years until the final operational capability is reached as described.


Paratroopers waiting

Gravity extraction:
- Single cargo load up to 4 tons
- Up to 24 one-ton containers
- Multiple loads with a combined weight of at least 25 tons

Parachute Extraction:
- Single Cargo load up to 16 tons
- Multiple loads with a combined weight of at least 25 tons

Mixed aerial delivery of loads and paratroops:
- Ramp aerial delivery system (RAS/Wedge-loads of up to 4 tons)
- 320 kg bundle loads through the lateral doors and 116 paratroops

Very low level extraction:
The very low level extraction mode enables airdrop from a height of 4.5 m above the ground with
 - up to three loads each up to 6.35 tons
 - combined loads of 19 tons


Cargo drop modell by Airbus Military


Pictures taken from French and British Air Force

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