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Strategic Capabilities

A400M cargo bay pictured by Airbus Military


PAX Transport
The A400M can carry 116 pax or paratroopers. The width of the A400Ms fuselage allows them to seat in four rows either along the fuselage as well as along the centre - with enough space in between the facing rows.

Heavy and Outsize Loads
With a  external fuselage width of 5.64 m, a cargo hold 17.71 m long and up to 4 m usable width the Airbus A 400M can take up a maximum payload of up to 37 tons and a volume of 340 m3.
The aircraft can carry outsize cargo too large or too heavy for previous generation of  tactical airlifters,  e.g. a helicopter NH 90 or two heavy (armoured) vehicles for military purposes. It can also carry a heavy logistic truck, a rescue boat or large lifting devices, such as excavators or mobile cranes for disaster relief purposes. To keep the load safe while flying, the aircraft equipped with a modern cargo handling system (CHS) with electronically operated locks. This allows furthermore to assemble  a variety of different loads - for any thinkable purpose.


Overview from Royal Air Force

Strategic (High Speed, High Level and Long Range) Performance
With regard to its state of the art technologies, especially its four unique Europrop International (EPI) TP 400 turboprops, the A400M has the capability to fly distances up to 8.700 km at a cruising altitude up to 37,000 ft and up to Mach 0.72 fast - similar to that of a turbofan powered airlifter. The aircraft can even fly up to 40,000 ft for special operations.
Flying faster and higher allows to cover greater distances in just one crew duty day. In comparison to other propelled transport aircraft, the A400M is hence much more efficient than its predecessors, can deliver more goods faster in order to optimize operational needs.
Because of its engine power the aircraft can cruise above poor weather and turbulence often appearing at medium altitudes, resulting in less fatigue for the crews or troops alike.


Comparison of C17 Globemaster (jet engine), A400M (prop) and C 130 Hercules (prop): Allthough the A400M can not fully match

the C17 capabilities, it is though a powerfull propelled aircraft. Instead the A400M can operate from even smaller airstrips and

is thesame time much more capable than the C 130.

Overview of Airbus Military



Graphics taken from Airbus and British Air Force


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