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The A400M is an essential foundation for the future viability of the air forces in the areas of strategic (inter-theatre) and tactical (intra-theatre) air transport (AT), as required by the European Nations, the Headline Goal 2010 of the EU and the corresponding NATO initiatives. In this regard, the A400M with its modern technology, growth potential and versatility will become a key element to fulfil the air transport requirements of the armed forces of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The aircraft can perform missions, which previously required different types of aircraft. It can not only be used as carrier, but also serve as tanker (AAR) as well as for AirMedEvac (AE) purposes. With its wide range-capacity going along with high speed and altitude - comparing to other turboprops - the aircraft can reach most varied requirements of any EATC Participating Nation (PN) all around the globe – no matter of military or humanitarian mission. The same time it is expected that the PN take benefit from its high productivity, which leads to cost savings on a long term scale.

Seven European Nations within OCCAR (Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Spain, Turkey and the UK), together with Malaysia joining in 2005 await 174 aircraft between 2013 and 2024 to cover a wide variety of military needs. For the EATC PN the A400M will not only replace older type of national assigned aircraft (e.g. C-160 Transall), but accomplish new possibilities in operational matters. The A400M project was launched in 2003, its maiden flight took place on 11th December 2009. On 13th March this year, the A400M got its full civil type certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the national military certificate followed on 24th July 2013.



A400M demonstrates airfield assault capability 


Pictures by Bjoern Trotzki and British Air Force


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