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Semper et Ubique“

(Latin for “anytime and anywhere”)

After the Second World War the 1316th Dutch Communication Flight was implemented at the Hendon airfield in the U.K., being part of the British “Metropolitan Transport Squadron” commuting between London and other European cities.
The squadron took over to Valkenburg; It deployed later to the Air Base of Ypenburg/Soesterberg and finally to the Eindhoven Air Base in May 1992.

Well equipped and effective
The meanwhile renamed 334th Squadron is tasked with Air Transport (AT) on a wide scale of possibilities, using therefore different types of aircraft: One DC-10 transport aircraft, two KDC-10  tanker (can also be used as transport aircraft) and the Gulfstream G-IV in order to perform VIP-flights (civilian and military), for liaison purposes or the coordination/conduct of operations.
In the centre of interest are the 1992 pursued KDC-10/DC-10, which operate either in a combination of goods and personell transport or solely in the tanker configuration.


German soldiers about to deploy with the Dutch KDC 10

All around the world
In the last years the 334th squadron took over a lot of missions for the United Nations (UN), especially relief operations to distribute supply like water, food, medicine, etc. ... to help non-governmental organizations (NGO) such as the Red Cross. Those supplies went for example to the Sahel-zone in Africa, Romania, Croatia, Ruanda, Congo (former Zaire) and Honduras. A whole emergency ambulance was transported and build up in Pakistan, being hit by a heavy earthquake. And also in Haiti - struck by earthquake - the Dutch squadron was involved not only to supply, but also to bring surviving orphans from the Carribeans to the Netherlands. In reaction to the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004 Dutch soldiers have been transported from Eindhoven Air Base to far Eastern Asia in order to help evacuating people - or supplying the survivors with necessary goods.

Mission approved
In face of “Desert Storm” as well as in mission in former Yugoslavia the 334th squadron was involved e.g. by refueling the Dutch F-16 over the Mediterranean See.
In the year 2001 the KDC-10 tanker were assigned to Eritrea for several months assisting Operation “Enduring Freedom”. Later that year the tanker had to deploy with the F-16 to Kirghizia, while the same time - meanwhile decommissioned -  Fokker F-27 freighters supplied the Dutch troops in former Yugoslavia.
So far the Dutch KDC-10 are always involved, when Dutch F-16 are about to deploy into the 5000km distant ISAF-theatre by attending the jets on their long way to and back from Afghanistan.



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