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Air Transport Wing 61

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On 24th August 1957 the Air Transport Wing 61 (ATW 61/LTG 61) was implemented - as first wing of the new German Air Force - at the Bavarian town of Erding.
The wing was transferred to Neubiberg (near Munich) at 22th April 1958, where it became fully equipped with “Noratlas”- aircraft three weeks later. This aircraft type was flown the next 11 years until it was replaced by the new aircraft type C-160 “Transall”. Only one year later, from 1970 until 1971, ATW 61 moved to its present location: Penzing, near Landsberg.

Mission approved


The wing was especially involved in the Gulf-conflict in 1991. More than 1.900 flying hours were required to deploy the NATO weapon systems - Hawk, Patriot, Roland and Alpha Jet - into the Turkish theatre. Additional 1.300 flying hours were allocated for sustainment missions. 

During the Kosovo-conflict in 1995 the 1st squadron ATW61 moved from the adjacent airport Lechfeld to Piacenza, Italy.

At the same time, the so-called "NATO-shuttle" via Tuzla-Sarajevo-Zagreb-Split was established.

In support of KFOR six Bell UH-1D including six aircrews and technicians were deployed to Ohrid/Macedonia in 1999.

Transalls of the ATW 61


Asia and Africa
In 2002 the wing deployed to Termez/Uzbekistan in order to provide air transport capacity to ISAF. Termez is still used as a hub close to the Afghan theatre. Only one year later in 2003 the ATW 61 accomplished its 1.000th flight from Termez to Kabul.
For the EU operation "Artemis" the wing was tasked to transport cargo from France to Entebbe/Congo in 2003. One year later the Transalls carried police forces to support of the African Mission in Sudan (AMIS). Transalls of the ATW 61 were also involved in the operation EUFOR RD Congo during the first free democratic elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2006.
In 2011 ATW 61 contributed to the operation "Pegasus". In close cooperation with partner nations more than one hundred EU citizens were evacuated out of Libya.

Transall at ISAF mission

All over the world
The wing also provided airlift capacities in support of numerous humanitarian missions. Prominent examples are the earthquake relief missions

in Turkey, Agadir, Sicily and Biafra, evacuation missions in the Middle East, Panama and Albania and relief supply missions to Nigeria, Sudan, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Turkey, Iran (Help to Kurdish people), Russia, Somalia, Rwanda and the Balkan states in general.


Transall in white UN colours

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