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The history of transport squadron 01/62 "Vercors" reaches back to the beginnings of military aviation with two squadrons created in 1912 and 1915. First unified into the I/62 Bombardment Group at WWII, this detachment was again dissolved in Rabat in August 1943. The squadron was recreated in 1945 at Toussus le Noble, first equipped with Junker Ju 52 and taking up the name as of "Air Transport Group 1/62". Gathering aircrafts from the Transport Group I/62 "Algeria" in 1947 the Air Transport Group 1/62 took up first time the traditional name as it remains until these days: "Vercors".

Seven years later, in 1954, the "Vercors" - squadron received its first C47 Dakotas – and one year later also the first Noratlas planes.

On 1st October 1963 the squadron moved towards Reims and joined the 2/62 "Anjou" - though kept up its given elements name, while facing aircrafts coming back from North Africa at the end of the Algerian conflict.


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In June 1978 the 62nd Transport Wing left Reims: The "Vercors" joined the 63rd Wing at Toulouse-Francazal and became Squadron "2/63" aside of the CIET (training center transport crew). But after implementing new two DHC 6 Twin Otter and with the withdrawal of the Noratlas freighter version the squadron was disbanded on 1st October 1986.

Nevertheless its tradition was reborned seven years later, on 1st August 1993, during the creation of the Air Base 110 at Creil - introducing the "Light Transport Squadron 1/62". The “Vercors” were new designed to implement the first light cargo planes CASA CN-235 for the French Air Force. In addition to these new devices, the unit was later equipped also with three light aircraft DHC 6 Twin Otter and AS 555 Fennek helicopters.

Today the man and women of "Vercors" fill out tactical and strategic missions - including transport and logistics, command support, participation in training of airborne troops, medical evacuation and humanitarian aid on a worldwide scale.



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