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The EATC involvement in A400M matters




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Airbus A400M Facts and Figures
The most advanced air transport carrier includes not only newest Airbus A380 technologies, but also different capabilities to convince in various military operations.


A400M capabilities overview

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Comparison A400M and Transall

Read why there is a generation leap between the Airbus A400M and its predecessor C-160 Transall


A400M and Transall


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"Atlas" on video

The A400M has just yet reached military service, but in some movies he is already showing what he is capable of.


 Starting A400M pictured by IMZBw


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Air Transport Wing 62 awaits A400M
The Transall C-160 is still in duty at the Air Transport Wing 62 in Wunstorf. But with the arrival of the Airbus A400M - planned in 2014 - a new era will begin for the whole area around the little town of Wunstorf in Lower Saxony, Germany.


Starting Transall

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Picture Gallery

Some shots of the A400M taken at Airshows and along the runway at Toulouse airport


A400M in the clouds


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