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EATC welcomed the French Air Forces Command

Monday 22 April - 17:12h  |  News & Press updates

On Thursday, 18th of April 2013, the Commander of the European Air Transport Command, Major General Pascal Valentin, welcomed Major General Patrick Pacorel and Brigadier General Pascal Chiffoleau at the Eindhoven Air Base.  

General Pacorel is the Deputy Commander of the French Air Forces Command (CFA), being in charge of ensuring and maintaining the operational condition and readiness of all branches of the French Air Force.  
He was accompanied by General Chiffoleau, Commander of the BAAP - responsible for the French military air transport and helo units.

General  Valentin, as Commander of the EATC, has operational control over the biggest air transport fleet in Europe, with about 130 aircraft of 11 different types. With such assets the EATC provides effective air transport to the Participating Nations (France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg), and is also in charge for the PN’s several domains in AT functional areas, such as training, logistics and technical matters, where the visit finally focused upon.


Looking for further synergies

The generals exchanged views, information and ideas, describing and evaluating both command’s capabilities to participate in the support of each needs. Discussions were fruitful on aspects related to air transport training and ground operations documentation. The members of the delegation expressed again the great interest and added value brought by the EATC.


The Generals Pacorel, Valentin and Chiffoleau

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