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EATC organizes Aeromedical Evacuation to Jordan

Monday 15 April - 14:20h  |  News & Press updates

A German Airbus A310MRTT of the Special Air Mission Wing MoD with Aeromedical Evacuation (AE) equipment on board started yesterday morning towards Amman (Jordan), where injured Syrian people hab been gathered in several hospitals in order to prepare them for better medical treatment in Germany.

The Airbus departed this morning from Amman back to Germany. In order to release patients to German hospitals the aircraft is about to land at the airports of Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin. Another C-160 is provided to fly additional patients from Cologne to Wittmund.


Text: Norbert Thomas

Archive pictures by Ingo Bicker /


Transall to fly out further injured to Wittmund arhcived by Ingo Bicker

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