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General Vetter visits the EATC - Logistic meets Air Transport

Wednesday 27 March - 18:19h  |  News & Press updates

Good working relations as a result of trustful association

The central logistics activities of the German Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr, are merged at the North Sea coast, at the port of Wilhelmshaven. The “Logistikzentrum der Bundeswehr” (“Bundeswehr Logistics Centre”) is responsible for supply chain management, material disposition, maintenance (IHF), traffic and transport (V&T) and finally basic supply. The department V&T organizes as a central service of the armed forces all traffic and transport services in operations and exercises worldwide. A core capability of the department is the field of strategic routing: Be it the transport of a tank or an entire battalion, V&T is the right partner when it comes to deployments of any kind. At this point the Bundeswehr Logistics Centre and the European Air Transport Command (EATC) come together, since the EATC is the single point of contact for the Bundeswehr Logistics Centre when military air transport is required.

Consolidating a fruitful cooperation
EATC Commander Major General Pascal Valentin welcomed today Commander Brigadier General Michael Vetter. After five hours of exchange of information, briefings and discussion the EATC Chief of Staff, German Brigadier General Jörg Lebert summed up to the result that the cooperation between Germanys biggest military service provider and Europe’s biggest military Air Transport provider is effective and suitable tailored at the balance of supply and demand.  

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