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From Eindhoven to Dakar

Thursday 14 March - 08:05h  |  News & Press updates

See on the right a Dutch Hercules of the 336th squadron. Normally stationed at Eindhoven Air Base, this picture was shot this week in Dakar, Senegal, where the Dutch transport aircraft carried material to Africa for - among others - a German advisory team, that trains the armed forces of the Senegalese army.
The 336th squadron is an assigned squadron of the European Air Transport Commands (EATC), being stationed also in Eindhoven. This chain of action exemplifies best how Air Transport (AT) is run by the EATC: In an multinational approach the Participating Nations (PN) assist each other with their AT means in order to share not only their 11 types of aircraft, but also benefit from the use of sharing cargo for the PN.
But coming back to the beginning of this short story: Read more about the 336th squadron here

Text: Norbert Thomas
Picture: Martin Gesenhoff

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