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First formations flown in the A400M-simulator

Wednesday 27 February - 16:15h  |  News & Press updates

A big step has been taken in the training of pilots of the French Air Force on A400M.

From 4 to 22 February 2013, eight pilots of the Multinational Entry Into Service Team (MEST) of the French Air Force, core of the center of military flying experience (EHIC) and responsible for receiving the A400M, made an initial phase of flight training at the Airbus Training Center in Toulouse. Consisting of lectures and put into practice on simulators, first learning objective was to familiarize the pilots of the Air Force to the philosophy of equipping aircraft cockpits of the Airbus - which applies also for the A400M.

These first pilots will be the first to change the controls of the A400M in a few weeks. "We are very proud to participate in this early work, says Lieutenant Colonel Paul Creuset, commander of the MEST. This is an important step. This is a first implementation announcing the arrival of new transport aircraft of the Air Force, the first step leading to its operational implementation. "

Pilots in front of the A400M


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Text: Karim Djemaï


Picture: D. Suhas

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