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Flying from Bavaria to Reunion

Friday 22 February - 07:24h  |  News & Press updates

See half a century of air transport history between these to pictures to the right: The first Transall prototype flew 1963 in France.

In the below part of the picture the same aircraft supplies 50 years later its upcoming successor - the A400M.


Since 25 February 1963 the military of some European countries have relied on a transport aircraft, which was not really created to cover strategic distances right from the start.

Nevertheless it operated on many of those missions, e.g. disaster relief at any thinkable spot on this planet.


The Transall has always been a reliable aircraft –  and it is now looking forward to

its 50th anniversary on Monday, the 25th of February 2013.
Follow us on a timelap of 50 years and therewith on a flight from Bavaria to Reunion

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