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EATC supports deployment into Turkey

Monday 21 January - 10:53h  |  News & Press updates

With EATC assigned transport aircraft, the main contingent of the German Air Force operating the NATO mission “Active Fence Turkey” (in the Netherlands named Anatolian Protector”) has been deployed yesterday. The Belgian Airbus A330 departed from the airport of Berlin-Tegel to the NATO Air Base of Incirlik, near to the upcoming German Air Defence Base in Kahramanmaras. The deputy Airchief of the German Air Force, Lieutenant General Dieter Nascrent bid farewell to his 240 soldiers, pointing out the mission became necessary to fulfill NATO solidarity.

Germany, the Netherlands and the United States provide two PATRIOT-batteries each. The Dutch and German enabling forces have been brought into theatre - on EATC conduction - Tuesday last week.

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