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A symbol of the excellent cooperation between EATC and Germany.

Friday 12 January - 11:41h  |  News & Press updates

On 12 January 2018, EATC commander, Major General Pascal Chiffoleau received a special edition of a propeller blade from the C-160 Transall with the registration “51+01”. The propeller blade was offered to EATC on behalf of the former German Air Transport Wing 61 commander, Colonel Daniel Draken. It will be displayed in the EATC headquarters.


The ATW 61 intended to honour and commemorate the excellent cooperation between themselves and EATC. The donation is also a farewell gift from the ATW 61. The unit, located in Bavaria, was dissolved on 31 December 2017 on its 60th anniversary year and looks back at over 7 years of close collaboration with EATC. The design of the rotor blade illustrates the 60th anniversary of the ATW 61, picturing the Chamois Buck (Gamsbock), the ATW 61’s emblem. Moreover the lozenges of the Bavarian flag are represented in the colours grey and silver, corresponding to the colours of a “Silvergam”, which was the name of this specific Transall 51+01.


The Transall 51+01 flew its last mission on 18 December 2017 to the airfield of Ballenstedt to be decommissioned. It will be prepared for its final resting-place on the roof of the Aviation Museum in Werningerode (Germany).





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