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Aeromedical Evacuation: the multinational endeavor for patient movement by air

Friday 8 December - 11:25h  |  News & Press updates

EATC held its annual “National Patient Evacuation Coordination Centers” meeting at Eindhoven Air base this 04 to 06 December 2017. The event was hosted by EATC’s “Aeromedical Evacuation Control Centre” (AECC) for the fourth time.


Representatives from the EATC member nations discussed achievements and indicated performances in the field of strategic aeromedical evacuation. The aeromedical experts reviewed the efforts of the present year and addressed the challenges of the near future. Moreover they discussed with representatives from US Transportation Command and from the NATO support and procurement agency ways to intensify the mutual communication and collaboration towards a reliable network of diversified possibilities for patient movement.


Luxembourg also introduced its recent offer of aeromedical evacuation assets together with the provider of the assets, the air ambulance service company “Luxembourg Air Rescue”. These assets are the latest addition to the EATC portfolio of usable assets for the dedicated movement of critical ill patients.


Col Dr Moll, head of the AECC and chairman of this meeting, emphasized the gained great advantages of multinational collaboration in the field of strategic aeromedical evacuation. The key to further success in this topic can be found in the intense willingness and level of ambition of all EATC member nations to enhance common procedures and extend the efforts to harmonize future aeromedical evacuation training and workflows.


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