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EATC sends Dutch, German and French assets into the Caribbean to support disaster relief operations in the wake of Hurrican Irma

Thursday 28 September - 10:20h  |  News & Press updates

From the start, EATC stood ready to support relief operations in the Caribbean. Key element to successfully coordinate and conduct the missions from Europe to the Caribbean is the diversity and the readiness of the EATC’s multinational fleet. C130 and KDC10 from the Netherlands were upon the first aircraft sent into the Caribbean followed by the A400M,  A340 and A310 aircraft from Germany and France.


Thanks to the multinational cooperation between EATC and the nations, the Netherlands, France and Germany guaranteed the transportation of dozens of specialized personnel to the Caribbean together with the delivery of food, water and medical supplies. EATC also coordinated the aeromedical evacuation for wounded persons from the affected regions and supported a reliable air transport for evacuees.


And this is exactly what EATC stands for: effective pooling and sharing between its member nations. Sharing the complete EATC multinational fleet among the seven member nations, needed transport capabilities can be pooled together at any moment. EATC facilitated the relief operations to the Carribeans by running, on short time notice,  the missions on behalf of its member nations. Upon request and for common operations, EATC also supports the nations in logistical hub initiatives.


Another example of successful and efficient pooling and sharing of air transport assets among EATC member nations.




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