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114.000 tons of cargo - 53.800 missions - 7.500 patients

Tuesday 1 August - 12:17h  |  News & Press updates

Seven years of EATC success story


EATC was established on 1st September 2010 and 7 years later, we can look back with pride on our success. The key to our achievement is the trust and confidence that the EATC has gained from the seven member nations.


The strong relationship between all involved partners are reflected by the numbers: since the creation in autumn 2010, we had*


320.000 flying hours or 53.800 missions executed

114.000 tons of cargo carried worldwide

2 million people transported, thereof 32% paratroopers

7.500 patients evacuated 


We have also built up a large experience in air-to-air refuelling and are considered today as an overall expert in this domain. In the last years, EATC had over 1.800 AAR missions executed and our commitment is ever growing, in particular with the introduction of the new generation multirole tanker fleet (A400M and A330 MRTT).

* numbers refer to the period Sep 2010 – Jun 2017

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