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European Air Transport Training 2017 in Beja (Portugal)

Monday 26 June - 16:36h  |  News & Press updates

530 military - 9 nations - 6 air transport assets - 1 training


Between 19 and 30 June 2017, the Air Transport Training ETAP-T* (formerly known as EATT**) takes place on the Portuguese “airbase 11” located in Beja.


Six nations participate with their air transport assets in this sixth edition: Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and the United Kingdom. Together with Belgium, France and Spain, they also detach trained instructor pilots mentoring the air crews during the training.  More than 530 military train together in this multinational ETAP-T framework sharing expertise and knowledge.


EATC is deeply involved in the development and implementation of ETAP-T. It supports with personnel employed in “key” positions: training supervisor, chief operations, chief Maintenance Operations Centre, chief Combined Air Terminal Operation, etc. Moreover EATC supervises the consistency of the training and offers an E-learning platform to the participants.


This year, for the first time, one nation (Germany) participates in the training with an A400M. Other assets involved are a C-160 from Germany, a C-130H from the Netherlands, a C-295 from Poland, a C-27 from Romania, a C-130J from United Kingdom and a C130H from Portugal. Moreover Portuguese F-16M are supporting various training scenarios.


ETAP-T is the only multinational air transport event in Europe that is dedicated not only to aircrews and air activities but also to ground operations, such as maintenance and combined air terminal operations. Organised on a yearly basis, it gives the chance to the involved personnel to train in air transport operations, logistical and special forces support, air drops (paratroopers and cargo) and aeromedical operations not only during the day, but also at night.


*European Tactical Airlift Programme - Training
**European Air Transport Training




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