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Spotlight on Italy: MART 2017

Monday 12 June - 13:28h  |  News & Press updates

Italian Air Force participated in aircraft recovery training in Jever (Germany)


Italy was one of the 8 participating nations in MART 2017. The Italian team consisted of 9 air force members from the 3rd Wing stationed in Verona Villafranca and from the 46th Air Brigade located in Pisa. One of the key objectives of this edition of MART was the ''pooling and sharing'' of equipment and techniques.


In this context, the 3rd Wing shared their equipment, including a new low pressure airbag system recently bought to recover aircraft in case of accident. This system was used for the first time in cooperation with the partners in Jever and MART was therefore the right opportunity to test it in a realistic scenario. It was successfully tested to recover a C160 from its bogged down position. See also our article ''Multinational Aircraft Recovery Training 2017'' from 26 May 2017.


This was an excellent opportunity for all the nations to get familiar with Italian equipment and procedures as well as to pool and share expertise in the field of aircraft recovery.


Multinational cooperation at its best.


More Information on the 3rd Wing

The Italian 3rd Wing is a highly skilled unit trained to ensure the projection of an airport (and of all its services). The projection is tailored to the support of the ''National Integrated Force'' both in national and in multinational operations and exercises. It ensures the necessary effects at the right time and in the right place (Expeditionary & Deployable). It is specialised in Air Terminal Operations including cross servicing, runway operations, cross Fire & Rescue activities, Forward Arming Refuelling Point Capability (F.A.R.P.) and 2 years ago it also acquired the ''Precision Airdrop Capability''.   





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