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EART 2017 is launched

Tuesday 28 March - 09:21h  |  News & Press updates

Multinational Air-to-Air Refuelling rendezvous at Eindhoven Air Base from 26 March – 07 April 2017


As of 26 March, EATC runs the fourth edition of the European Air Refuelling Training, EART 2017, at Eindhoven Air Base. EART was initiated by the European Defence Agency and is hosted by the Netherlands.


EART is an effective multinational air refuelling training. It provides the nations with a unique opportunity to train their crews in planning and executing mission within a multinational framework. EART is organised on a yearly basis since 2014 and is combined with the Dutch Frisian Flag fighter exercise.


Four different tankers from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and France together with their air and ground crews participate in EART 2017. The United States is participating in the training with mentors.


Find more information on the EART Factsheet


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