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EATC’s Ground Handling Working Group held in Brugge

Thursday 15 December - 15:34h  |  News & Press updates

The 4th Ground Handling Working Group Meeting (GHWG) took place this December in Brugge, Belgium, under the chairmanship of LtCol Martin Huber from EATC’s Technical and Logistics Branch. The meeting gathered 40 participants from the EATC member nations plus Denmark, United Kingdom, the European Defence Agency, the European Military Staffand the European Air Group.  
The GHWG is a multinational forum that was established two years ago and discusses all aspects of the European Ground Operational Manual (EGOM). This manual was drafted by EATC in coordination with its member nations and it describes a set of multinational rules for ground handling operators. It will be implementented by all EATC member nations.
The large number of participants to this 4th edition of the GHWGtestifies the willingness for successful practiced harmonization and standardization of handling passengers and cargo regulation in Europe. It emphasizes the relevance of theEGOM as one of the focal points for a common European approach in the domain of interoperable air transport.

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