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Friday 9 September - 11:12h  |  News & Press updates

On Thursday 8 September 2016, the Commander of EATC, Major General Christian Badia, was welcomed in Rome by Lieutenant General Enzo Vecciarelli, recently appointed Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force.

Italy is the latest EATC member nation. In January 2016 Italy transferred authority of the majority of its air transport, air to air refuelling and medical evacuation assets to EATC. General Vecciarelli and General Badia emphasised the successful integration of the Italian aircraft into the EATC fleet and of the Italian highly professional personnel into EATC’s multinational staff.

They also discussed the upcoming steering committee of EATC’s air chiefs, which will take place next month under Lieutenant-General Vecciarelli’s chairmanship.

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