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EATT 2016 goes E-learning

Monday 4 July - 08:20h  |  News & Press updates

EATC’s newly launched E-learning platform was used for the first time for the European Air Transport Training (EATT) in Beja (Portugal).

Prior to their practical training, 56 pilots and crew members from 12 nations passed the theoretical test through this innovative tool. They were taught the tactics techniques and procedures (TTPs) used within the EATF community, improving the interoperability among all participants.


The aim of the E-learning platform is to better prepare the participants from the EATF member nations to the different training events, to share and standardize the tactical knowledge among the transport air crews over Europe and to have access to the most recent harmonized TTPs. The platform currently focuses on courses for air crews, but EATC plans to offer at a later stage also E-learning tools to aeromedical experts, paratroopers, maintenance personnel and others.


All EATT air crews welcomed very much EATC’s initiative to introduce the E-learning tool. The training could concentrate as from the first day on the exercise and planning of the missions, as no time-consuming academic course was needed any more.


Captain Leo, pilot with the Belgian air force, and Captain Florian pilot with the German air force, participated in the EATT training. Here are their impressions on EATC’s newly implemented E-learning platform. Both have already experienced E-learning previously and they enjoy the flexibility in the learning process. Capt Florian appreciates in particular the effectiveness because “I can learn when I’m fit and focused. I can use the time during the exercise better”. To Capt Leo, academic courses show advantages to newcomers/basic learning, but E-learning is a perfect tool to refresh courses or to improve skills. He would like to have permanent access to the EATT E-learning tool and to the tactics, procedures and techniques presented in the platform.
* France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Finland, Poland and United States (observer).

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