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Paratroopers participating in EATT 2015

Monday 22 June - 19:58h  |  News & Press updates

EATT 2015 has made a significant step by committing paratroopers at a larger scale than the previous editions.  This  is the first time that more than 200 paratroopers are taking benefit from the deployment of tactical air transport assets to train and develop international partnership. EATT is now pooling and sharing  joint training.   


The ground forces training started with a brevet exchange between French and Portuguese paratroopers. French personnel were trained by Portuguese instructors on the Portuguese parachutes and procedures whilst the Portuguese did the same on the French equipment. A jump from the Portuguese and French assets concluded this exchange. This exchange was a good opportunity to build up a team spirit between the Portuguese paratroopers and  their French comrades.


100 French paratroopers from 1er. RCP , 17eme. RGP and 1er. RTP regiments have been deployed to Beja. They will be performing training with 100 portuguese counterparts during EATT, which will combine air and ground operations for a more realistic training and a better “train as you fight”.


In a broader framework, it is part of EATC objectives to develop synergies and interoperability in airland operations. EATT is a perfect test bed for new procedures and cross parachuting. The objective  is to be able to drop personnel and cargo regardless the nationality of the air asset. This requires to certify equipments, to have common rules, regulation and procedures.

Thanks to the achievements already realized, the Belgian C-130 is during EATT 2015 a back-up solution in the scenario to drop French paratroopers.

During the next few days, the EATC will keep you up to date on the events happening at EATT15. Please visit our EATT15 micro-site here.


Text: Natacha Prudent

Photos: EATC

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