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Spanish assets in the limelight

Tuesday 10 March - 08:45h  |  News & Press updates

Since 09 March 2015, the Spanish Air Force transferred 25 Air Transport assets to EATC OPCON (operational control).
The additional Spanish fleet complements the EATC pool and adds valuable benefit with its small tactical transport aircraft (CASA C-295), with midsize tactical transport aircraft (Lockheed C-130H/H30) and - tanker aircraft (KC-130H) as well as with the contribution of three Boeing B707/KC707 for multipurpose military Air Transport means. And in a few years the Spanish Air Force will also contribute the new Airbus A400M as well as Airbus A330 MRTT (replacing the B707/KC707 beginning next decade) to the EATC assigned aircraft pool. Find the gallery of all the additional Spanish aircraft here.


Pictures by EATC and Spanish Air Force.


Spanish AT aircraft

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