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Confidence in Dutch host

Friday 21 September - 11:39h  |  News & Press updates


Accompanied by the EATC Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Jörg Lebert, General Valentin arrived on Friday morning to meet with Kolonel-vlieger Bas Pellemans, Commander of the Eindhoven Air Base, to visit the 941 Squadron, which executes all necessary tasks to keep the Air Base Eindhoven operational: Air Traffic control, meteorological services, fire protection and security – duties, that also keeps the civilian Eindhoven Airport running.


Air Base Eindhoven


Furthermore the Commander EATC visits the 336 AT-Squadron, equipped with C-130 Hercules to conduct missions as of tactical Air Transport (AT) and AirMedEvac (AE).


On Tuesday, General Valentin is to be expected at Breda to pay an introductive office call to the Dutch Air Force Commander and Chairman of the Multinational Air Transport Committee (MATraC), Lieutenant General Alexander Schnitger.

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