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German Air Force received A400M Simulator

Monday 9 February - 14:19h  |  News & Press updates

According to a Airbus Defence and Space press release, the German Air Force (GAF) has received a Full Flight Simulator (FFS) for the A400M aircraft at Air Transport Wing 62 in Hannover/Wunstorf.
The training device entered service at Wunstorf Airbase on 8 January and will be used to train about 60 GAF crews in its first three years in operation. Developed by Airbus Defence and Space and manufactured by Thales, it is a full replica of the A400M cockpit.
Airbus Defence and Space will deliver to the GAF also additional training tools, such as
–    a Flat Panel – Flat Training Device (FP–FTD), which is a cockpit partial simulator to train pilots prior to the FFS training;
–    a Cargo Hold Trainer (CHT), which is a full 1:1 scale replica of the A400M cargo hold used to train loadmasters with real loading and unloading tasks as well  

      as to train parachutists;
–    and a Cockpit Maintenance Operations Simulator (CMOS) which replicates the aircraft in 3D images and provides maintenance procedure simulations.
These three training devices are planned to be delivered by mid-2015.


Picture by Airbus D&S

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