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New website opened in view of the 2nd European Air-to-Air Refuelling Training

Monday 9 February - 14:21h  |  News & Press updates

Receiver and tanker

F-16 being supplied by a KDC-10


The European Air-to-Air Refuelling Training 2015 (EART 2015) will be held from 13 April - 24 April 2015. The training takes place over the North Sea as well as over parts of the Netherlands, Denmark and Northern Germany. Tankers are located at Eindhoven Airbase. The training is linked with Frisian Flag 2015 that operates from Leeuwarden Airbase.


The General purpose of the training is to create a realistic training environment to exchange information and practice among tanker- and jetcrews as well as to enable certification processes between tanker and receiver aircraft. The EDA initiative is one important measure in an amount of different working strands to overcome the EU shortfall on tanker capabilities. Training concepts are created and conducted by the EATC. Finally the training itself is executed by the host nation, the Netherlands.



The 334th Squadron





Special Air Mission Wing MoD





14th Wing Pratica di Mare


Emblem 14th wing



GRV 00.093 “Bretagne”


Coat of Arms




EART 2015 Patch


EART 2015 patch




Factsheet McDonnel Douglas KDC-10


KDC 10



Factsheet Airbus A310 MRTT





Factsheet Boeing KC-767A


KC 767A



Factsheet Boeing C-135FR/KC-135R


C 135 family



The official EART 2015 announcement to be found here


Eurofighter drogue





Portrait of a Dutch Flight Engineer


Dutch Flight Engineer


Find the article here



Gallery of EART 2014




Some pictures of tanker aircraft in formation (whilst DV-day) to be found here


Tanker formation



Updated picture gallery of EART 2014 to be found here


hitting the basket



EART behind the scenes: Find the gallery of engaged people at their workstation here


good cooperation



Find somehow unreal pictures of F-16 in the mist (pictured out of a KDC-10) here


F-16 in formation



Aircraft of Frisian Flag and EART together in this gallery


German Airbus A310 MRTT starting

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