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The Netherlands transfer authority over military air transport assets

Thursday 25 November - 13:17h  |  News & Press updates

Based on a formal “Transfer of Authority” (ToA), the multinational EATC is responsible for the planning, tasking and mission controlling of especially one C130 Hercules, two KDC10 and one G4 Gulfstream of the KLu. Moreover this command also has nationally defined levels of authority over force generation tasks, including training and concepts as well as harmonization and the increase of standardization and interoperability between the four participating nations’ air transport fleet.


Since 15 October 2010 the EATC already controls the military fixed wing air transport assets of the German Luftwaffe which had already transferred its authority to the EATC on that day. Within one month EATC already handled efficiently more than 1000 Air Transport Requests from Germany only.


The ToA of the KLu the EATC is a further step towards its Initial Operating Capability (IOC) foreseen to be reached by the end of the year after taking control of the air transport assets from Belgium and France.

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