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Biggest construction site of the German Air Force

Wednesday 16 July - 12:54h  |  News & Press updates

There are only a few months left until the scheduled delivery of the first A400M Atlas to the German Air Force. However, to realize all the efforts within this new aircraft introduction, it needs some time and - again - efforts to cope with the huge amount of information and impressions. Efforts that began several years ago and result in one of the most modern military airfields within NATO. Here, at Hannover-Wunstorf, the Air Transport Wing 62 is located, facing since 2009 not only the biggest construction site within the German Air Force but also of the whole Bundeswehr.
To decrease your efforts gaining an overview... the German Air Force media has prepared an article with several chapters, thus allowing to skip through different locations at ATW 62. Enjoy this helpful overview (in German language) here.

Find additional EATC article on the issue here. More information about the A400M to be found here.

Pictures by ATW 62


different views onconstruction site at ATW 62

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