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From Havana to Termez - the German Airbus A310 Pax

Wednesday 16 July - 20:55h  |  News & Press updates

The most used troop transporter in EATC service


A remarkable aircraft with a remarkable story: the Airbus A310 Pax, based at German Special Air MIssion Wing MoD (Cologne-Wahn), can state to be EATCs most used troop transporter. On October 30th the aircraft has reached 25 years of service and seen nearly every military spot on this planet - and an end of its military service is still not in sight.

Starting as civil airliner within the German Democratic Republic's state airline "Interflug", the aircraft became state of the art in 1989, as it carried first passengers - nonstop - to Havana/Cuba or to other remote places in far East Asia.

But the German reunification changed everything... leaving every other GDR aircraft dismantled behind, while the Airbus A310 Pax improved its strategic missions inside the German Air Force until today.

Read the extraordinary story of the last flying GDR passenger aircraft - now and in future operating under EATC operational control - here at our aircraft chapter.


Nearly 25 years lie inbetween both pictures

Two pictures, one aircraft - though nearly 25 years lie in-between

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